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SciamLab, founded in the mid of 2013, is a fast-growing engineering company based in the sunny Rome at the heart of the mediterranean theatre specialized in modern data solutions and in business process optimization and automation. The DataLab unit released in early 2013 the Amaca® Platform and APIs, an innovative Content Discovery and Data Enrichment Platform based on BigData technologies that are today a foundation for several Open Data reference implementations in Italy. In the Summer of 2014 setup the SmartLab unit in Berlin, Germany and Varsaw, Poland where the engineer team have built Triduino® a versatile sensor platform that aims to address many IoT challenges from the deployment and management of data intensive sensor networks to Advanced Data Stream Analysis

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Our lab in Rome, Italy is located in the Garbatella district one of the most creative and young area of Rome that play a central role in the urban transformation of the Italian capital. Our is an open company who live in an open space often shared with newcomers and visitors and their precious feedbacks. We love to be completelly immersed in a place zipped of creative folks. At our hearth there's a strong convincement that to bring innovative ideas into everyday job in addition to think out-of-the-box you must be free to joke and smile and to have enough room to freely express your love and passions

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If you want read more about the Garbatella quarter it's worth to read the nice Garbatella's airbnb page.