SciamLab DataLab Unit is historically the core business unit around which the other departments grew up.

Levaraging skills in Big Data processing and analysis acquired over a decade working for international Enterprise Software vendors, our first intuition was to apply Big Data techniques to the new frontier of Big Data: the Open Data.

The amount of public data available to be reused are increasing day by day. Government data coming from weather sensors, earth monitoring sensors, pluvial sensors; but also personal data coming from wearable devices to monitor dayly activities and health, just to mention some, will and are flooding our networks. DataLab is specialized in working with terabyte amount of data, creating new patterns and correlations, and producing new knowledge in real time.

DataLab flagship product is the Amaca® Platform and APIs, released in early 2013, an innovative Content Discovery and Data Enrichment Platform based on Big Data technologies.


Being “Openness” the SciamLab mantra, it came very natural to adopt Open Source software from the very beginning for all SciamLab products and solutions.

SciamLab OpenLab Unit is today formed by high experienced and professional software engineers giving consultancy to work on and customize Open Data and Big Data related software like the CKAN platform, Apache Solr, Apache Hadoop, Apache Storm, etc.

SciamLab OpenLab Unit is also specialized in creating solutions and giving consultancy about analysis and representation of geospatial data through the use of Open Software (GeoServer, postGIS, QGis, OpenLayers). The many applications of geospatial analysis include crisis management, climate change modeling, weather monitoring, sales analysis, human population forecasting and animal population management.


SciamLab SmartLab Unit took its origin in a Berlin loft in Summer 2013 to realise a mobile pluggable sensors device concept to analyze any kind of environmental data and not only (think to Star Trek Tricorder!).

SmartLab is today the device arm of SciamLab, completing the SciamLab vision of extracting knowledge from data. SmartLab focus is engineering smart devices and providing IoT solutions to produce personal and environmental data that can be analysed and reused.

In Summer of 2014, SmartLab developed its flagship product Triduino®, a versatile sensor platform that aims to address many IT challenges, from the deployment and management of data intensive sensor networks to Advanced Data Stream Analysis.