Amaca Platform

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Since the mid of 2012 SciamLab is collecting a large amount of Italian open data, harvesting it from several different sources within the public sector organizations, companies and associations and organizing it in our hadoop-based data lake storage. We use patented tecnologies to discover new content as it become available in the Internet, to keep it regularly updated and to integrate the resulting data so that completely new and unique insights can be discovered from its analysis.
As part of this effort we are releasing public access to the Amaca Data API a high quality data sets.
Access to the Amaca API and tools are free for registered user who want to test of perform a limited number of requests and redistribute the data under a share-alike license. You can contact us in case you need different redistribution rights or an enterprise level support and access arrangement.

The Amaca API

The Amaca API is a RESTfull API that allow easy and affordable access to a large collection of Italy datasets and tools. The API are divided in two sections:

Data API
Allow access to the high quality dataset maintained by SciamLab and obtained by the integration and the enrichment of several different datasets originally published by local and central government organizations that has been properly rearranged and augmented to facilitate the reuse in different business application including business intelligence and risks management, data journalism, statistics, etc.
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Application API
Is a collection of RESTfull API developed by SciamLab and its partners providing useful functionalities to create powerful applications, perform data manipulation and augmentation and easily integrate smart devices sensor data with IoT clouds.
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