Amaca API

Amaca Data API

The API provide access to the unique dataset collection curated by SciamLab that are part of the Amaca Platform and made available using an REST API.
Access is free of charge for a limited number of calls and under our share-alike licensing terms. If you require less restrictions or different licensing terms you can contact us.

Here the available free APIs. Please use the list below to access the documentation details:

This API provide a the complete list of Public Administration bodies, participated companies and government subsidiaries, organizational units and functional organizational units available in Italy. The API is updated every morning at 6:00am. The API data is based on different open data sources

This API access the complete list of Public Administrations with territory jurisdiction for regional, province and city (municipality) boundaries. The API return the actual territorial organization with included the geographic information using GeoJSON shapes. Future version of the API will return hystorical records also for those entities that has been suppressed or simply didn't exists anymore.

Amaca Application API

The Amaca Application API provide a set of common services that can be used to build data centered applications.

The documentation details of each API can be accessed through the links below:

This API perform efficiently a best match Eurovoc domain and microthesaurus classification for a given sentence.
The API is optimized for medium and long sentences but can be used also with simpler phrases that contains only few words.

SmartLab Sensors API / v1 BETA COMING SOON

Generate your Atmel family microcontroller sketches code to easily plug-n-play a large number of sensors. You can just plug your new sensors, pass the specs to this API and it will generate for you the sketch code to reprogram your board.
Professional plans include the option to pickup sensors from the sensor store and flash the new firmware directly from the cloud.