Open Data Hub is a platform for indexing and searching open datasets (Open Data).

The index and the information about the dataset are built by Amaca search and data enrichment engine.

Amaca uses Apache Hadoop distributed processing to keep the catalog update cycle within the limits of few hours. MapReduce algorithms are employed for the analysis of texts and learning techniques are used to produce and enrich automatically the metadata describing the dataset, making it easier and more effective for the user to search the needed data.

Amaca also enrich datasets with metadata collected from Public Administrations and Organizations web sites, as well as public and private companies that have publicily released Open Data through API or, when not available, scraping the information directly from the HTML.

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Amaca Platform

Amaca Platform uses patented tecnologies to discover new content as it become available in the Internet, to keep it regularly updated and to integrate the resulting data so that completely new and unique insights can be discovered from its analysis.

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