Data Enrichment

Our Professional Services can help you to add meaningful geographic contexts to datasets using longitude and latitude values (geocoded data). Available geographic contexts include administrative (Zip Code), census (block, block group, tract), environmental (flood maps, elevation), or other (TV markets, neighborhoods). We also offer specialized demographic enrichment services to add meaningful demographic contexts to datasets. Demographic enrichment adds select demographic data from Country reference istitutions (for exmple ISTAT in Italy) to your geocoded data. We provide demographic profiles based on geographic contexts (e.g., Zip Codes, neighborhoods) or specified radius (e.g. ½ mile).

Data Gathering

Our Professional Services can help you to gather structured data from various sources (e.g. websites, PDFs, various proprietary data sources/formats). Services include scraper/spider development, custom Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) development and automating harvesting from these and other sources.

Data Anonymization

Our Professional Services can help you to analyze and sanitize your data to improve your privacy protection and to elimitate re-identification risks. We can help you to configure privacy rules and transformation methods to mitigate attacks that may lead to privacy breaches.

Data Publishing - CKAN

Our Professional Services can help you to set-up your own Open Data portal using CKAN without any customisation or integrating CKAN with existing systems. We can make the most of CKAN rich search experience providing "Google-like" keyword search, faceting by tags, publishers formats and categories or even location based search (geo-search). We can develop to extend CKAN’s modular core architecture to turn CKAN into a central information hub and data catalogue. Our Professional Services can provide the technical know-how about CKAN, Open Data, Open Source and GIS systems. We can tailor the CKAN platform around your needs: implement custom forms and workflows to facilitate and improve metadata management, help you enrich your datasets with interactive data-visualisation such as map viewers, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, grids, graphs, histograms, etc. to maximise the value of your resources, bridge the power of CKAN with a content management system (such as Drupal, WordPress or your existing CMS) to facilitate public feedback and engagement, and foster your community, extend the CKAN API to integrate with existing system or provide new features, integrate with your existing GIS systems (GeoServer, GeoNetwork, Esri ArcGIS, etc.) and information systems, integrate with your existing user management systems (Active Directory, LDAP etc.), etc.

Data Visualization

Our Professional Services can help you to implement two types of data visualization: interactive online maps and custom infographics. Our team will work with you to evaluate your data visualization needs and develop a package of custom products to craft the most compelling stories from your data.

We can help you to create custom interactive online maps with your data. We can highlight key geospatial insights within your data by visualizing trends over time, demographic context, or mashups tailored to your mission.

We can help you to create custom infographics data with your data. Infographics take your data communication to the next level with graphs and charts designed to make the most impact